Kheops ensemble

Jeu pas sorcierwith Maureen Dor

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When young and old bring the sorcerer’s apprentice to life!

A fun, interactive concert with the Kheops ensemble, during which the parents become apprentices and the children become sorcerers in a game brought to life by Maureen Dor! Who will come out on top?

The music by Paul Dukas tells the story of a sorcerer’s apprentice who bewitches a broom and sets it the task of filling buckets of water. At first it seems to have worked, but the apprentice gradually realises that he’s not in control of his magic; the broom starts to run amok and the flood is inevitable!

Music: Paul Dukas (arranged by M. Dürrüoglu for sextet)
Text and stage production: Sybille Wilson
Formation: 6 musicians and a narrator